In our local community and in alignment with United Way's national goals, United Way of Central Washington serves to improve people's health.

Why Health?

  • Children with health coverage are better prepared to learn in school and succeed in life. 
  • Without strong academic and social development, youth are more prone to engage in risky behaviors, which may continue into adulthood, including drug and alcohol abuse, a serious health concern in our society.
  • Older adults with fixed or limited incomes often consume diets of lower nutritional quality and are twice as likely to have poor health status
  • In Yakima County:

    32% of adults are obese, 7% higher than the national average.

    17.8 % of children have no health insurance coverage, 9.8% higher than the national average.

    The teen birth rate in Yakima is 103% greater than the United States average

With United Way Funding in 2013...

  • 524 mental health intake assessments completed
  • Over 1,000 victims received assistance and/or shelter while fleeing from domestic violence
  • 1,216 patients received free health care  
  • 1836 lessons in therapeutic horse riding for children with special physical and emotional needs to improve their health and well-being

How You Can Help

United Way of Central Washington empowers hundreds of volunteers each year in order to raise essential funds to improve our community in the areas of Education, Income and Health. Interested in being a part of advancing the commom good?  Volunteer to help.

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