How to Apply for Funding

Each February volunteers will review Letters of Intent from agencies that wish to receive program funding. Letters of Intent will be submitted via our grant website. Agencies must meet all eligibilty requirements in order to be considered for funding. The Community Impact Cabinet will review all Letters of Intent and determine whether to have the agency complete a full application. Selection of programs to consider for funding is determined by available funds, financial stability, and the alignment with community outcomes.

Agencies submitting a full application are not guaranteed funding. Programs will be assigned to the appropriate Council based on alignment with community outcomes in Education, Income, and Health. Full applications are due in April, and reviewed by volunteers on the assigned Council. All programs will have either a site visit or will need to make a presentation to the volunteers.

Volunteers make funding recommendations to the Community Impact Cabinet. Programs are evaluated on effectiveness, alignment, financial stability, and the ability to report outputs and outcomes. The Community Impact Cabinet takes the recommendations from each Council, and sets a final funding recommendation which goes to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors makes the final decision on all funding amounts.

Agencies that wish to apply for funding should review requirements and community outcomes, and if eligible contact Kaci Worley.