Education Success Stories

Here are just some of our Partner Agency success stories about United Way supported programs:

La Casa Hogar: Geovani, is nearly five years old and will be entering kindergarten fall of 2013. He and his older brother both have difficulties with asthma. His mother has been quite protective of him and when he arrived was concerned that he might be upset to stay in the Early Learning Class. The early learning teacher recently participated in additional training and implemented her new found skills because they are perfect for helping him be prepared to transition to kindergarten. He is learning to tell a story in the appropriate sequence and demonstrated what he is learning when he goes home. His mother told his La Casa Hogar teacher that recently Geovani accompanied his mother on a school visit with his brother’s teacher. He brought his home work along with him and received praise for his diligence and good behavior. His mother is also exceeding grateful for the changes she has observed in her son. She follows all the teacher’s recommendations for working with him at home. The mother sees a big difference between Geovani and his brother’s readiness for school. 

Allied Arts: The ArtsVan participated in the annual Central Washington State Fair this past year.  Diane Smith, Lead ArtsVan Teacher, witnessed something she had never witnessed before during a summer ArtsVan program.  Children and their parents -- some with their grandparents and extended family members -- were not only creating art together but then started to take pictures of each others' experiences.  With a large smile on her face, Diane expressed, "It was an intergenerational 'Family Time'."  Families were congregating and parents and children alike engaged others and encouraged them to take pictures as well.  Diane said that the entire area was transformed into a place of excitement, laughter and community.  She said, "It was a bonding experience for everyone that was there."

Catholic Family & Child Services: Carroll Children's Center - Adam is 3 1/2 years.  In the fall Adam had very little self control.  He was very impulsive and did the first thing he thought.  He could come up with ideas or solutions to problems but could not follow through.  He knew "instead of hitting, use your words" but couldn't do that.  After his experience at the Carroll Children's Center, not only will he say use your words--he will do it!  He has learned solutions to solve his problems in ways that are acceptable to the rest of the class.