Income Success Stories

Catholic Charities Housing Services: ESL Class, taught by James Millikan, a local volunteer from Yakima, has led to great success, especially in the Lower Valley. Classes ran from early January until the end of February and consisted of everyday vocabulary, role-playing conversations, and pattern sentence structures. For the majority of the students, this was their first English class, including residents Liliana Gonzalez and  Bertha Paredes Arias. Liliana and Bertha both shared the same interest in wanting to learn English in order to find a better job. Liliana, a resident of Gonzaga Townhomes for 3 years, said, “This was the first class or presentation I have attended at the apartments. I liked the class because I could understand what was being taught.” Bertha, a resident of Gonzaga for 6 years and mother of 3 young children, agreed. Both women have already decided that they will be looking for other English classes and learning opportunities in Toppenish after taking this course.

Greater Columbia 2-1-1: Our 2-1-1 Mobility Specialist received a call from a mother that had a unique transportation request. She needed to get her son from their home in Yakima to school in Wapato every week day.  She had concerns with his current school and it was important for his well being that he attend school in Wapato. Although this request could not be accomplished by any one transportation provider, the Specialist was able to work with several providers to create a plan that met the needs of the family. Now her son can attend a school that better meets his needs everyday.

Yakima Specialties: Fall 2013, Cody came to us through DVR services. With no work history he had thus far found it difficult to procede. With him, we completed a Career Based Assessment to identify his skills and abilities. We were able to refer Cody back to the Yakima DVR for Job Placement Services. Cody attended Job Club here at YSI along with weekly Job Development meetings. We created a working plan for Cody and in January he secured employment at one of our local hospitals in the kitchen as a dishwasher.