Health Success Stories

Pegasus Project: Over the last year, Lauren, one of our riders has seen a dramatic increase in her skills and abilities. Laurens instructors have noted an increase in vocabulary, correct usage of vocabulary, engagement with environment, engagement with volunteers, and an increased ability to steer.  Laurens father has commented on several occasions that he is surprised at the amount of progress Lauren has had in such a short amount of time and how much it has enhanced her life.

Lower Valley Crisis & Support Services: One of our advocates had a female client with two small children who had been a victim of all the components of domestic violence – verbal, physical, and emotional abuse. This client had been living in her car for a few days until she heard of our agency and the services we provided. She was placed in our shelter and was provided with advocacy, support, and resources. Over the course of the advocacy that the client was provided with, she was able to accomplish many milestones. The advocate assisted the client with the application process for DSHS to receive benefits and helped enroll for the employment placement programs through our local Worksource office. In addition, the client also enrolled for GED classes at the local community college. The client then decided to take the exam for her driver’s license which she passed. The client was able to enroll her children in a daycare center all the while working on her courses for the GED. I am happy to share that the client completed her GED and went on to continue courses for her Associate degree while holding down a part-time job which provided the opportunity for her and her children to move into her own apartment. In her spare time, she is also a Mary Kay consultant. She is just one of the over 1,000 clients who we have helped succeed in the Lower Valley.

 Elmview: A disabled senior living one block from the senior center began receiving Meals on Wheels as she recovered from surgery. As she got better, Meals on Wheels volunteers asked her to come to the Center to eat. At first she refused. With persistence she came to lunch. She now walks to the Center daily, has new friends, and participates in arts and crafts activities. She feels more alive than she has in several years. She thanks us all the time for getting her out and helping her find her community.

Hospice Friends: We have been working with "Don", a 6'6'', 300 lb man since 2011. He needed a wheelchair due to 30 surgeries and 2 knee replacements.  At first we didn't have a wheelchair that fit him. In 2013 we purchased larger wheelchairs.  He was the first to get one of our bariatric chairs.  The larger chair changed Don's life; He is more independent and gets out with his family more.  He is grateful for Hospice Friends and appreciates our ongoing commitment to finding him a wheelchair that "fits" his size.