The Schaakes

In 1996, a group of United Way supporters including Jim Smith, Dennis Richardson, Otis Harland, Bob Tenney and Frank Eisner created the United Way Foundation. They wanted to provide a vehicle for United Way to fund expeditures not permitted through restrictions on the use of annual campaign funds.

The United Way Foundation has become more - providing a means by which we can support the needs of the people of the Yakima Valley in far-reaching and responsive ways.

The Foundation's strength, in our valley is its connection to United Way of Yakima County. United Way has a history of nearly 50 years and, we believe, a long future to come. It has had consistently strong leadership and broad, well organized community volunteer support.

Through our support of the Foundation, we believe that we can enable United Way to continue to play this important role in the Yakima Valley. The Foundation can provide monies which would otherwise be unavailable from United Way - to fund capital projects, for example. It can support the ongoing overhead expenses of United Way. It can provide support for the annual campaign.

We can direct that our contributions be used in ways we specify, or be used as the Foundation Board of Trustees recommends. However our Foundation monies are used, they will benefit those in need in our Valley for years to come, through the capable hands of United Way.

We are pleased to have chosen the United Way Foundation as an important part of our giving plans. We hope that you will consider doing the same.


Paul and Terri Schaake