Nonprofit Network

The mission of the Yakima Nonprofit Network is to bring together local nonprofit board members, volunteers, and staff to create connections and provide educational and social opportunities to improve service to our community.

Last year, a few local nonprofit leaders started a conversation about how Yakima County nonprofits can better meet the needs of our community and provide more effective service.  As a result, a planning committee gathered and created the Yakima Nonprofit Network. This network has strengthened its leadership abilities by hosting Brown Bag Lunches and Nonprofit Networking Nights. Both of these events give an opportunity for Board Members, Staff and Volunteers of our local organizations to meet in an informal, low pressure setting to connect and learn from one another.

It’s time to inspire, collaborate and support each other- attend the Nonprofit Network events! Join our Yakima Nonprofits Facebook group to stay connected and learn about nonprofit resources and events.

Want to learn about a specific topic at a Brown Bag lunch? Interested in hosting a Networking Night or Brown Bag lunch? Contact Jamie at 248-1557.