Here’s Some Ways to Get Started



Workplace giving has long been a highly valued tradition offering benefits to employers, employees, nonprofit organizations and the people they help. It is one of the most simple and effective ways for employees to give back to their community. And, it is one of the most significant resources employers offer to address community needs.
Here at United Way of Central Washington we conduct more than 400 workplace campaigns in businesses and organizations around our county. Contributing a little through payroll deduction each month adds up to big benefits for our local community. More than $1.5 million is raised annually through United Way’s workplace campaigns, and invested by local volunteers in effective local social service programs.
The workplace campaign is especially beneficial to employees. They feel good about giving, knowing that their donations are improving people’s lives in our community. Also, many employers have matching gift programs set up, so the employer multiplies an employee’s contribution to an organization.


Long-term lasting change. Fighting persistent poverty. Ensuring every United Way dollar has the greatest impact on our community and people’s lives. Learning about community issues, setting priorities, acting for the common good.
Are you a community leader? By investing in United Way, you are making a big difference in your community. Would you consider multiplying that difference by investing some time, insight and leadership?
We would love to have you join one of our three Community Impact Councils. We are just beginning to learn and discuss community needs and assets in the areas of Education, Income and Health.
The big goal for Education is to help youth achieve their potential. The Income Council will help working families achieve financial stability. The Health Council promotes healthy lives which includes access to healthcare services as well as avoiding risky behavior. We also have a committee that will focus on Basic Needs. Services like food banks and homeless shelters are vital to moving toward the above goals. All of the work we do is meant to contribute to ending intergenerational poverty. We know that United Way – even with the more than $925,000 we invest each year in the community – cannot do this alone. But with the passion and commitment of people like you our work can inspire the community to come together and achieve amazing breakthroughs.


Be part of the change and advance the common good for all by turning your passion into action. If you are looking to make an impact in the community allow United Way of Central Washington to connect you to the right opportunity.
Day of Action
Every year, United Way of Central Washington’s coordiantes a day that brings together hundreds of volunteers who are committed to creating positive change in our community. Teams of Volunteers work on projects for partner organizations and help meet other needs in your community.
Everyday Caring
One of our goals here at UWCW is to address the volunteer needs of Yakima and Kittitas Counties by creating an effective volunteer ecosystem. Our first step in this process is Everyday Caring which provides year round volunteer opportunities that engage the community. All projects focus on Education, Income or Health and are suitable for employee groups that wish to dedicate time. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Community Engagment Coordiantor, Jamie Shores at