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Our local United Way has been serving communities throughout Central Washington for over six decades.  Our ability to provide funding to various agencies and programs depends heavily on the generosity of our local businesses and community members.  Our 2022/23 Harvesting Hope Campaign presents an opportunity for companies large and small to run a workplace campaign.  Our team will coordinate with your company to show how employees can give back and contribute financially, even if it is a dollar per period.  Every little bit counts!  We also make it easy and seamless through automatic payroll deductions.

We have seen over 400 workplace campaigns over the years and many of the participating businesses have said that their employees feel good about giving, knowing that what they contribute is going to those most in need.  Many company leaders have also mentioned that employee morale and retention is greater knowing that the company cares enough to invest in the community.

To start a workplace campaign for your business please call 509-248-1557 or email Richard Perez, Director of Development at