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Loaned Executive Program (LE)


United Way’s Loaned Executive program is a unique opportunity to engage individuals from businesses from all industries to work on the local annual United Way campaign.  Loaned Executives are critical to the success of our organization.  This is an amazing opportunity to not only serve your community but also to develop and better your professional skills along the way.  Through this experience you will learn about United Way’s mission and work that is done in Central Washington, which will allow you to be a knowledgeable ambassador when speaking with businesses and community members.  Don’t miss out on being a part of making a huge impact in our communities! 

Below you will find our LE Job Description and Application.  Once filled out please email to and if you have any questions, please call 509-248-1557.




Be recocognized as a leader of change in Central Washington


Each year, United Way of Central Washington reaches out to more than 500 companies with 750 workplace

locations in Yakima and Kittitas Counties. We could not do it without the leadership and passionate work of Loaned Executives. Please consider loaning a carefully selected employee or representative to United Way of Central Washington for a period of four months. 

How can your company help?

  • Recruit one or more employees who are willing to accept a challenge and new experiences
  • Permit that employee to be a part-time Loaned Executive during the United Way campaign
  • Give him/her the encouragement and support to be successful

What is the benefit for your company?

  • Explore the leadership of key personnel
  • Strengthens ties within the business community and the community as a whole
  • Benefits from an employee who is well versed in the community’s social, economic, and physical characteristics

What is the Loaned Executive commitment?

  • Attend the Loaned Executive training session in August
  • Commitment September-December
  • Evaluate and solicit his/her accounts; adhering to the campaign timetable
  • Act in accordance with the United Way’s goals and objectives

A Loaned Executive develops

  • Leadership Ability
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Relationships with people of diverse business and social backgrounds
  • Strengthen ties within the business community and community as a whole  

Enclosed is a confirmation form for your use as well as our top performing LE’s testimonials from 2020-2021 campaign. Please return it by July 20th. Thank you in advance for providing one more skilled staff member – it is a powerful investment in United Way and your community!

Loaned Executive

2022 Campaign Position Description

The Loaned Executive serves as a critical member of their assigned divisional team by coordinating with Division Chair and campaign volunteers to build upon past campaign successes and leadership to increase the fundraising capabilities for the current and future United Way of Central Washington Employee Campaigns, and to increase awareness of employees of how United Way of Central Washington leverages funds to create community impact.



In coordination with other United Way volunteers and with the direction and support of United Way staff, the Loaned Executive is responsible for the planning and implementation of employee giving programs in each organization assigned to her/him.


  • Learn about United Way, our mission and work, and take on the role of a passionate advocate for helping people, nonprofits, and communities throughout Yakima and Kittitas Counties.
  • Coordinate with campaign Division Chair and your division team to develop strategies for accounts and ensure the most comprehensive campaign experience possible for each company.
  • Obtain commitment of the employee chairperson for a successful employee campaign, and encourage generous giving and maximum participation.
  • Follow a time schedule developed with employee chairperson assistance.
  • Assist in the process of reporting campaign results to United Way and ensure employee participation information is submitted to company’s payroll system.
  • Be quick to spot problem areas and lagging employee campaigns and exercise good judgment in calling for help from volunteers and United Way staff.
  • Verify company and key contact information, submit updates to United Way.
  • Arrange employee meetings on company time, and work with employee chairperson and United Way staff to conduct Leadership Giving meetings when possible.
  • At the end of each employee campaign, report updated contact information and describe how the campaign worked, to benefit next year’s Loaned Executive.
  • Meet and get to know volunteers, donors, company executives, and nonprofit leaders with enthusiasm.
  • Work closely with the employee chairperson to ensure the company’s payroll deduction procedures are in place.
  • THANK EVERYONE! Call, write, stop in, reappear to announce results…


  • Participate as an active member of your division team by attending meetings and providing progress reports.
  • Attend Loaned Executive orientation and United Way events, celebrations, and check-in meetings.
  • Provide account status updates to Division Chair and United Way Staff weekly or by request.

United Way of Central Washington Staff will:

  • Provide day-to-day management function for accounts and volunteers.
  • Develop training materials and conduct volunteer trainings.
  • Develop comprehensive campaign materials for each account (campaign packets).
  • Coordinate delivery of campaign materials to volunteers.
  • Provide analysis and background information.
  • Provide materials and staffing for all meetings.
  • Send weekly campaign updates; both comprehensive and division specific.
  • Be available as a resource for all Campaign Cabinet throughout the campaign.

Benefits of Becoming a Loaned Executive

Loaned Executive Position Description

Individuals apply to be a Loaned Executive HERE.

Loaned Executive Nomination Form (for employers) or nominate someone online HERE.